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Terms & Conditions

entire agreement

At the time of joining our site accepts that all our products are shipped in a time of 24 to 48 hours (mostly always a minor time) to your email and that this conscience that we do not send physical products, only digital files in JPG format and PDF to the address of your email

acceptance of orders

The orders will always be open to our clients when they want to make their purchases and be attended by order of arrival each order. We only deliver orders from Monday to Friday.


The shipments are made only to your email, from our official mail kitsprintablesch@gmail.com not send any file other than that email, do not accept invitations or offers from another email other than: Kitsprintablesch@gmail.com.

All our files are sent in a period of 24 to 48 hours, except on weekends and holidays which we do not make deliveries of order

If you make any order on a Friday night your product will be delivered on Monday afternoon, or if you make a weekend "Saturday or Sunday" you won't have an answer from us until Monday.   Our working hours are Monday through Friday.

cancellation or modification

To cancel an order must do so within the first 24 hours of having made the order otherwise your order may not be cancelled, if you place an order and is sent to your email can no longer be cancelled or refunded because E is a digital file which was customized and sent to you.

Once you have made your order order will have to make 1 change at the time of approval, after being approved the files and sent the final files if you want to make a change by date change, schedules or place, must make an application Again and cancel the order again, we are not responsible for confusions in the dates or last minute changes


Due to the nature of the product which is a digital file we do not make refunds.

Kits printable CH makes refund if we can not meet to deliver your product in the range of 48 hours you can solicitor a refund, and we will do it immediately as soon as we see your request for reimbursement to make it write to our email Kitsprintablesch@gmail.com.

If you make a purchase and no longer want the product write to me within the first 2 hours before receiving its product (however if you request a refund and we have sent the files we will not be able to do a refund) 


We accept payments and accept cards through PayPal because it is the system with which jobs, we can also accept payments via Amazon Gift card (if you want to make a payment with Amazon gift card contact me through our mail Electronic